How does the accounting firm Accountor Go benefit from using Koho?

accountor go

Accountor works in seven countries and is one of the biggest players in the financial management sector in the Nordic countries. The company offers financial management services and consulting services of a wide variety, and one part of it is the Accountor Go -unit which provides accounting services for micro-enterprises.

Accountor Go recently started to use Koho ERP system, which has been designed to make accounting firms’ work management and invoicing easier. Accountor Go’s service manager Juho Nyberg tells how the new system has impacted their everyday life. Is work being done more efficiently, and how have the employees taken the renewal?

Invoicing is dealt with 50% more efficiently

One of the main purposes of an ERP is to reduce the time the employees use for routine work. According to Juho Nyberg, Koho has met with the expectations brilliantly.

  • We can do invoicing 50% more efficiently than we used to, he evaluates.

From Koho you can also find solutions to CRM, work management, and time tracking. Nyberg says the system also brings significant relief to work phase management and speeds up reporting.

  • It simply is vital to us to be able to manage customers efficiently and straightforwardly. Our daily work and its management benefits majorly from Koho. Invoicing and time tracking are in one system, and so is customer record management. It simplifies work, states Nyberg.

He continues, that Accountor Go has taken Koho’s use a step further by building technical interfaces between Koho and their own system. A customer’s information is transferred from Accountor Go’s system straight to Koho, which reduces the work load as one doesn’t have to input information multiple times to different systems.

Koho makes work management easier

When choosing a ERP, one must take into account its usability. A system shouldn’t require more effort than what it benefits the user. Accountor Go started to use Koho in November, which was preceded by a transferring process of a few months. According to Nyberg, the employees have already embraced the new system.

  • Koho’s system is clear. You can find things from there fast, and the management is significantly easier than in our previous systems. Sure, at first it took a few times before employees remembered what is found from where, says Nyberg.

The new ERP has gotten positive feedback from Accountor Go. They have told that managing one’s work is easier now. Nyberg says, that Koho’s training sped up the learning process.

  • Communication with Koho has been effortless. We have always gotten help when needed, and we have regular meetings where we go through things. From Koho we get personal and great service, praises Nyberg.

Here are Koho’s benefits in a nutshell:

  • Invoicing is dealt with 50% more efficiently.
  • Customers can be managed efficiently and straightforwardly.
  • Koho makes managing everyday work easier
  • Invoicing, time tracking, and customer records are in one system, which simplifies work
  • The technical interfaces built between Koho and Accountor Go systems reduce work phases

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