Project management and ERP in one agile package


With Koho you’ll manage tasks and projects from start to finish, track work time your way, make smarter decisions based on vast reports, and set up automatic invoicing rules. By managing all your functions in Koho, your processes become more streamlined and you can wave goodbye to unnecessary manual work.

What is Koho?

Koho is a Finnish cloud-based system for improving your business functions, project management and time tracking. You can track and invoice projects easily, take control of your sales funnel, and manage your working hours on the go – and more. Our customer service is highly valued and we make sure you are able to use Koho up to its full potential.

While Koho is highly versatile, it is not complicated or overpowering: we are focused on making your company’s demanding and complicated processes easier. All the automations, customized workflows and tailor-made solutions create straightforward functions and make more time for profitable work.

When everything is found in one place, information is timely and relevant

Koho Sales

Koho enables you to

√    Invoice projects, work hours and contracts in various ways
√    Create a project straight from the tender and automate contract invoicing
√    Manage projects phase by phase and make smarter resourcing
√    Improve profitability with the help of real time reporting
√    Make work time entries in 8 different ways
√    Keep tenders and work up to date, even when employees change
√    Minimize manual work with the help of automations
√    Have a system that is tailored to your company’s needs.

Koho is developed continuously and its features are strongly based on our customers’ wishes.


At the heart of Koho

Of course, Koho works on mobile also!

Manage work time, work entries and work orders wherever you go.


Koho has a wide range of happy customers




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What our customers say:

“We get real-time information from Koho about the progress of our projects and invoicing. As before we had to gather everything from several Excels, now in Koho we have accurate numbers that are easy to follow. Our work is nowadays more efficient, especially thanks to reports that are truly on time and easy, fast access to project-based information.”

Henri Airaksinen, Äyräväinen

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Request a free demo and let Koho convince you. During the meeting we can go through your company’s sales and invoicing processes, and help you boost your sales and save up to 87% in invoicing with Koho. The demo gives you a better view on how Koho will help your company succeed.