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What is Koho?

Koho is a convenient cloud-based resource planning, project management and time tracking service for management and expert companies. Track and bill project hours easily and manage your contracts and working hours on the go.

Koho – ERP has gained the trust of both large and small companies. With our service, we have the privilege to deliver added value to our customers every day. Koho also provides smooth time-saving services for gathering employee working hours (Tuntikone) and a customer collaboration platform for accounting firms (Portal).


Why you should streamline your resource planning

The profitability and growth of your company or projects require real-time data. Easily turn your hours, projects and contracts into invoices and track working hours. Increase billable hours and profitability by making sure everything is tracked and in the same system. Work scheduling and organizing is easier; quotes and tasks are up to date even if the employee would change.

Did you know?

Our customers have been exited lately, especially about Koho’s project planning and its possibilities.

Why Koho?


  1. Koho offers a modern service platform with security, domestic server rooms and scalability are at its core.
  2. Default settings and functions of Koho can be extensively customized to meet company-specific needs. We’d be happy to tell you more!
  3. Koho’s two-way integration (REST) and connectivity allow your business to run seamlessly with the best software available.

Deploying Koho is a breeze

The deployment of Koho has been made as easy as possible for our customers. Just deliver the material needed for the deployment, and we’ll take care of the rest. The deployment is finished up with periodized training sessions. With Koho you can breathe easy!


Koho is cost-efficient, and our customer service is included in the price

Our customer service has your back when you are in need. Our customer service has received thanks for its quickness. We listen to you as our customer so that you can implement Koho with the specific features you need from your software in your organization.


Koho integrates like no other

Koho seamlessly integrates to other systems. With integrations, you can gather and deliver data between Koho and other systems effortlessly.

Integrations available with Koho PSA

Integrate with other applications

Koho is a powerful ERP system, but that cannot handle everything by itself. Also, we don’t want it to take care of everything because otherwise, the quality would suffer. Connect your favourite programs to Koho, allowing data transfer and reducing manual transfers. See the list of systems that can be integrated with Koho. We also have our own API, so if Koho can’t (yet) be connected to a particular system, we should talk!

Our customers have said:

“With Koho, we can avoid making mistakes, and the quality remains consistent, which in turn directly affects our brand.” 

– Kaisa Rakemaa, Head of B2B Sales, Finnkino (Finnish film distributor and the largest cinema chain in Finland)

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