Ticketing makes Koho more complete and helps expert companies to manage their work.


Managing tickets in Koho

Koho has a new feature, ticketing. Ticketing has been wished by especially accounting firms, but also by companies dealing with project management in general. With ticketing, customers can send work requests straight into a specialist’s work list, either through the collaboration portal or via email. Ticketing enables true multichannel customer service, tracking customers’ contact requests between various channels within one tool.

Features of ticketing

  • Receive tickets through email or the Portal
  • Service level agreements
  • Define rules by which tickets should be answered and resolved by
  • Monitor how your team stays on schedule
  • Ready-made responses – save your responses to frequent tickets and reuse them
  • Clock and invoice the time spent on tickets
  • Monitor important tickets and receive notifications whenever something happens with the ticket
  • Define and save your preferred view and in which order you wish to see your tickets


Why should you use ticketing?

Customer communication

Your customers assume you are on track with what they are talking about. –> Quickly check the tickets your customer has previously sent you. Especially in a situation when you are filling in for your colleague, it is important to be on track with what has been previously discussed.

–> Better and more consistent customer service.


Ticketing helps with prioritising your tasks. With email alone, you easily respond and resolve the most recently sent messages. This way, you may easily forget messages and respond to them.

Tracking and billing

You can track how well employees stay on schedule, how much time each ticket take to process, and when tickets are late.

Also, you can take time and bill the time spent on a ticket.


Share tickets to other employees if the ticket owner is not able to handle it for one reason or another. Messages sent by customers are not left in absent employees’ mailbox, but instead, other colleagues have a chance to help customers fast.

Pricing of ticketing


€ 9,50
(per Koho-user/month)
Only for Business- and Enterprise packages
  • Price in addition to Koho’s regular user price
  • SLA-management
  • Business hours
  • Automatic responses
  • Timing
  • Mass editing of tickets
  • Email notifications
  • Track tickets and get notified of changes and progression

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