Customer service and support

At Koho, training and customer service is included

Over time and through hundreds of deployment training sessions, we have gained the knowledge and understanding of different industries and organizations of various sizes.

Please put your trust in us and don’t worry about receiving an invoice every time you seek our assistance.


Koho has a comprehensive support

You will have access to comprehensive online instructions so that you can utilize our product more efficiently. Reach out to us for free by phone, email or chat if you’re in a pickle. Our customer service assists in all sorts of questions.

Deployment made easy


Provide us with the materials needed for the implementation phase, and we’ll set up your account in Koho ready for training. All deployment training and meetings are handled

Administrator training

The administrator training covers the basic settings of Koho, the imported material, the basic tasks of the administrator, time tracking, hourly records, work orders, project management, contracts and the billing process.

Worktime entry training

In the worktime entry training, the staff is taught how to track and enter work time.

Invoicing training

Invoicing training covers the processing of hours, contract invoicing and how to transfer data into the financial management system.

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