Versatile project management software for expert companies

Koho is developed to support the management of project-based work, and thanks to its high customizability, it suits a variety of different ways of operating. In Koho you can create a project directly from a quote, monitor projects phase-by-phase, utilize a multitude of insightful reports, and create smart invoicing automations.

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De-complexify your projects with Koho

Koho’s project management makes it easy to monitor and report on complex projects, record hours, and invoice projects, including deviant invoicing methods. Log the billing criteria agreed with the customer directly on the project – no need to bother with it at the billing stage anymore. Track your company’s projects all the way through, from implementation to invoicing and profitability. Koho’s project management can be customized according to your company’s needs.

Improve your projects’ profitability, bring more certainty to invoicing and enhance routines. As all the project reporting can be found from one place, its profitability can be optimized and budget controlled.

project management software

Koho is one of a kind in managing challenging projects

Koho specializes in demanding project management and ERP solutions for professionals. Our service’s main advantages are its customizability according to users’ needs and wishes, and customizable workflows in the software. These solutions make every aspect of a challenging project, well, less challenging.

Koho speeds up your company’s cash flow and brings more reliability to your invoicing. It offers comprehensive solutions for project management, ERP, sales invoicing, work-time tracking, and hourly tracking.

Koho also offers now a ticketing feature. Ask more from our customer service!

Koho’s best features for project organizations:



Project billing

Save your project’s billing specifications when creating a project. You can set:

  • Project pricing
  • Project employer pricing
  • Project task pricing
  • Project task employer pricing
  • Standardised or automated extra information on an invoice

Deviant invoicing methods of projects

With Koho, you can invoice and automate deviant project invoicing:

  • Instalment invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Cumulative invoice tracking and automatic addition of information to project invoices
  • Customised invoice breakdowns of projects
  • Tracking project billing and budgeting hours

Project management

Tracking projects and extensive reporting of projects 

  • Entire or phased project monitoring
  • Invoicing of fixed shares based on performance subscriptions 
  • A timeline view of active projects 
  • Monitoring the status of active projects
  • Project profitability and margin 

Resourcing and workload

Employee resourcing can be planned, and Koho enables extensive project budgeting.

  • Project level 
  • Project phase level
  • Centralized workload control 
    • Comparison between planning and execution 

Allocating work hours to projects 

Easy weekly hourly input view for users. Invoicing and project costs can be derived directly from entries.

Other user-friendly features: 

  • List of projects which an employee is responsible for
  • List of projects with a deadline which an employee is responsible for  
  • Calendar view of to-do jobs 
  • Project load view of an employee

Other tools to enhance project operations 

Possible to integrate with Koho:

  • Project-specific tickets 
  • GPS tracking of recorded shifts 
  • Workload report
  • Gantt
  • Kanban
What our customers say:

“The implementation of Koho did not require a long training or testing period; instead, the system renewal was easy and quick to implement. Due to the low implementation cost, proceeding to try out Koho was straightforward. ” 

– Henri Kortelainen, Sininen Meteoriitti

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