CRM and Sales

With Koho’s CRM, you can design and manage your sales work in every phase of the sales funnel. With the tenders and quotes tool, you can create great looking documents in minutes.


Create a better customer experience with our customer relation management

Keep track of what has been agreed upon and talked about, know how the project is progressing, and stay on track with what has been billed. Making quotes and contracts can be quite a workload, but not with Koho. Centralize your CRM and sales processes in Koho and make your work more straightforward.

A whole new way to sell

Create eye-catching and varied offers effortlessly and fast.

  • Koho has ready-made, customizable quotation templates which follow the overall design guidelines of your organization.
  • Content can be added automatically according to products or services, and by using pre-made notes without having to type the same thing over and over again.
  • The offer can be printed (PDF) or sent directly to your prospect from the system.
  • Pending quotations are easy to track and edit.



A new way to create quotations

Create fine-looking quotations with your business look in minutes. Koho automatically adds product demos and contract terms based on the products offered. With the help of Koho,
product presentations, as well as contract terms and product prices, are always up to date and available to sellers.


Automatic quotation tracking

Your sales team can track quotations automatically without a separate reporting tool. Don’t lose potential business by forgetting quotations which are due or expiring. Koho will keep you on track.


Integrate with a CRM system

Koho has its own CRM section, but it also integrates with popular CRM systems so that the sales process can be easily continued all the way up to invoicing and reporting.
On the background, customer information and sales process events are transferred.

Contract management is easy with Koho

Managing contracts has never been so easy: Koho automates contract invoicing with a single click. Create one or multiple non-recurring invoices, or create invoices for monthly billable services according to a specific billing period.


Agreement bank / Contract bank

The agreement bank /contract bank makes it easy to find all quotations and contracts, at any time. Koho provides automatic alerts for expiring contracts so you will not forget about resale opportunities!


Automate contract invoicing

Koho automates contract invoicing and ensures that invoices always leave on time. Changes to a contract will automatically generate a corrected invoice. Koho can save up to 90% of your time on contract invoicing and reporting.


Real-time reporting

With a click, see the value development of the contract portfolio as well as the future cash flow.

Would you like to have a look? Request a free demo!

Request a free demo and let Koho convince you. During the meeting we can go through your company’s sales and invoicing processes, and help you boost your sales and save up to 87% in invoicing with Koho. The demo gives you a better view on how Koho will help your company succeed.