Koho for Real Estate Management companies

Koho makes the everyday life of a property manager easier. With Koho you’ll improve the profitability of your business, boost and streamline routine work, and use your time better by minimizing manual work and automating your sales invoicing.

Koho is the most crucial tool for a property manager

Koho adds extra power to your business! Koho offers comprehensive solutions for ERP, sales invoicing, worktime entries and time tracking. You can easily invoice the work you have completed based on calendar entries by bringing them directly to Koho into invoice rows. You can also conveniently enter additional information in your entries, e.g. persons attending meetings to compensate accordingly.

With Koho you can easily manage other additional billable work as well as hourly work. Ready invoices only need to be approved before sending them off to financial management, and from there to the customer.

Koho has already more than 450 users in real estate management companies

Save up to 87% on invoicing time with Koho compared to Excel and a financial management system combination.

Koho’s quick trade function improves profitability, and with Portal you collaborate effortlessly

Koho makes the everyday life easier of a property manager easier in many ways:

Koho keeps you on track of annual clock work.

With the handy quick trade function, nothing is left unbilled and you’ll be sure to invoice also the small “odds and ends”, improving profitability immensely.

Portal makes collaboration between the housing cooperative and the property manager easier: chat and document drag & drop.

Import calendar entries into counter rows: this feature makes it possible to, for example, conveniently invoice housing association meetings.

Ticketing keeps your work requests in check.

The best features of Koho for real estate management companies 


Import Calendar

Koho can be integrated directly into the user’s o365 or Google calendar, allowing calendar entries to be imported into the user’s worktime entries in Koho.


Automating invoicing

Invoice quickly and easily with Koho. You can effortlessly see how much money is coming from contracts and products. The invoice is generated automatically or with a few clicks, depending on your choice.


Contract management

Track and manage recurring contract billing for condominiums. Koho automatically creates invoices based on contracts, ensuring that the agreed items end up invoiced.


Import billable work from your e-mail

Separately invoiced work can be imported from a user’s e-mail to Koho. An e-mail that causes billable work can be sent to Koho, direct the time spent on the task and other product billables and be accepted for invoicing.


Mobile use

Use Koho on mobile. Enter work hours, and hour and billing entries conveniently, regardless of time and place. 


Work time tracking

Track employee working hours and flexitime on a daily basis. You can print the hours worked as a report for payroll, or even as a run-in transfer file. If necessary, automate according to the collective labour agreement.

Our client says:

“Easy to use and our development ideas are taken into consideration.” 

– Tuomo Tahkola, President and CEO, Property Manager DI, AIT

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Request a free demo and let Koho convince you. During the meeting we can go through your company’s sales and invoicing processes, and help you boost your sales and save up to 87% in invoicing with Koho. The demo gives you a better view on how Koho will help your company succeed.