Pricing of Koho is based on the amount of users

How many users are at your company? Check the price for your company below.


€ / month
( € / user)
On-boarding fee
  • CRM
  • Offers and contracts
    • Documents on a standard template 300€/pc
  • Payment mail
  • Reporting
  • Integrations

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€ / month
( € / user)
On-boarding fee
  • Work time entry
  • Contract invoicing
  • Work time management
  • Billable time
  • Third-party expense invoicing
  • Invoice/billing data entry
  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Customizable user rights
  • Calendar import
  • Portal Light
  • Integrations

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€ / month
( € / user)
On-boarding fee
  • All the Sales and Timer features
  • ERP
  • Group features
    • Collaboration and reporting across multiple Koho accounts
  • Integrations are free of charge
    • Financial management
    • CRM
    • Electronic signature
    • Billing – Maventa or Apix
    • Dropbox
    • Existing integrations
    • New integrations are charged on a case-by-case basis. Ask us for more information!
  • Kanban task management
    • A free-form tool for employees’ to-do tasks
  • Purchase invoice processing
  • Ticketing 9,50 € / user
  • Portal Pro 5 € / user

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€ / month
( € / user)
On-boarding fee
  • All the Business features
  • Customized Koho account
    • We tailor-make Koho according to the client’s wishes and needs
  • Account-specific operating models
  • Possibility to purchase development work
    • Dealt with on a case-by-case basis

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Add-on services

Main-user service

From 99 €
(per hour)
  • Have an outsourced main user
    • Together with you, we decide on a regular time when this service takes place. Includes a start-up meeting. (1h) where we map the current situation of your company and how our main user service should be implemented.
  • Free up time for more productive work
  • More efficient implementation process for maintenance work
  • Support according to customer’s needs
    • You can decide if you want us to be responsible for all or part of the main user’s tasks.
  • Simplifying processes
  • We make sure that you as a customer have up to date information available
    • Our experts always have the latest information regarding new features and functionalities. If necessary, we can guide you through implementing previously unknown features or upgrading old work models. Our experts also have knowledge of features other similar software have in use.

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Koho consulting service

From 110 €
(h / month)
  • We will assist your accounting firm to select the right tools
    • We review the needs of your firm and look for individual and effective solutions to serve you better.
  • More efficient use of Koho’s PSA software
  • Help with developing your business
    • Having a system alone is not the answer, but it’s important to be able to understand the benefits it brings and to implement them.



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Detailed list of Koho’s features

Basic functions
Customer management Yes yes Yes Yes
Product management yes Yes Yes Yes
Price changes of multiple products / index increases yes Yes yes Yes
Search and archiving Yes yes yes Yes
Comments and log yes yes yes Yes
Price lists: customer-specific, product and project price lists yes yes yes Yes
Customisable dashboard view when logging in yes yes yes Yes
Work time management
Work-time monitoring yes Y Yes
Work-time reporting Yes Yes Yes
Flexitime yes Yes Yes
Collective labor agreement interpretation yes Yes Yes
Working-time account yes yes Yes
Transfer to payroll yes yes Yes
Profitability: customer-specific, employee- and project-specific yes Yes Yes
Work-time and project management
Work-time entries 7 different ways Yes Yes Yes
Project plans and phasing Yes Yes Yes
Document storage Yes Yes Yes
Project specific budgeting Yes Yes Yes
Kanban view of projects Yes Yes Yes
Gantt view of projects Yes Yes Yes
Automatic logging notes Yes Yes Yes
Default products and entries to make as favorites Yes Yes Yes
Task groups and standardised work types Yes Yes Yes
Logbook and travel expenses bills Yes Yes Yes
Shift planning Yes Yes Yes
Work orders, repetitive jobs and ticketing Yes Yes Yes
Quick projects Yes Yes Yes
Employee resourcing Yes Yes Yes
Project resourcing Yes Yes Yes
Contract invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conveniently invoice supplemental subcontractor purchases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invoice data entry Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hourly billing Yes Yes Yes
Touch-and-go invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Credit notes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invoice return Yes Yes Yes Yes
Combining and splitting an invoice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invoice appendices and explanations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimentions, cost objects, cost centre Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bookkeeping accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Retrieving billing material from an external system and invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installment and invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drag and drop sales funnel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Point of contact Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saving documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tenders and contracts
Editable tender documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receive information about the opening of a tender Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editable landing page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product descriptions linked to products Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple tender and contract templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conversion of a tender into a contract Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic transmission of a tender Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic signature Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product packages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sales report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invoicing report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profitability report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Work-time report Yes Yes Yes
Internal tasks Yes Yes Yes
BI-reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
External datasource-reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
HR and payroll Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ticketing systems Yes Yes Yes Yes
External CRM systems Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer identification
Beneficial owner reporting Yes Yes Yes
Identification according to the Money Laundering Act Yes Yes Yes
Save identity cards Yes Yes Yes
Collaboration Portal
Sharing files and targeting them to the right period Yes Yes
Attach files to employees worklists Yes Yes
Notifications to customers about new messages and files Yes Yes Yes
Chat with file sharing possibility Yes Yes Yes
News of the accounting firm as a separate window Yes Yes
Decide who can access which files Yes Yes
File sharing and chat Yes Yes Yes
Summary view for files and conversations Yes Yes Yes
Project plan and progress for the customer to view Yes Yes Yes
Invoice reporting to the customer Yes Yes Yes
Project reporting Yes Yes Yes
Kanban-style workspace for to-do's Yes Yes
Mobile usage
Work-time recording Yes Yes Yes
Work orders Yes Yes Yes
Time card Yes Yes Yes
GPS tracking Yes Yes Yes
Start work-time tracking from your selected locations Yes Yes Yes
Work-time/work-day clock Yes Yes Yes
Saving images Yes Yes Yes
Comments, work instructions
Multi-company service
Joint account reports Yes Yes
Joint management of accounts Yes Yes
Users and permission levels
Customisable usernames Yes Yes Yes Yes
Permission levels that can be saved Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teams and team management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-account users Yes Yes
Customer service and support
On-line instructions/guidance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help site and forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone support Yes Yes Yes Yes

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