Project management with Koho

Make project management effortless with Koho’s project management tool. With Koho, you can monitor schedules, resourcing and profitability, and manage upcoming workload more efficiently. You can easily see the status of your projects from sales to invoicing and make smarter decisions with the help of vast reports.


Projektin vaiheistus Kohossa | Project management and phasing in Koho

Project planning and phasing

Easily create phases or sub-projects for projects as required, define a budget and schedule. In Koho, you can define budgets and schedules for each phase, and whether you want to base your budget on hours or euros.

You can outline a project either in a tree view or as a visual GANTT chart or KANBAN view.

Cornerstones of project management

Create a project plan in under a minute

Create your projects effectively. You can set up a project based on a quote or by using predefined templates and update the plan when needed. Setting up takes less than a minute. You can also create a new project based on an earlier one. In Koho you can create the plan simultaneously while saving the project or afterwards.

Project management with Koho

Kuormituskalenteri ja resursointi | Recourcing a project

Resource properly

Utilize the workload report and resource each project properly with the help of work time entries and assignments-lists. The workload report is color-coded, so it’s easy to spot where a person is overloaded or can manage more tasks.


If needed, share a common collaboration space with your customer, where you can communicate and share files related to the project and show, for example, information associated with the progress of the project.

Track and invoice

Information related to a project is linked together, and with the help of work requisitions, you can create an invoice with just one click. Monitoring and comparing project profitability, progress, and other key metrics are straightforward and up-to-date. Koho gives you project-specific, automatic invoice breakdowns.

Project invoicing

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