Identifying customers and registering beneficial owners

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Solve the Money Laundering Act obligations effortlessly with the help of Koho

With the help of Koho, you can affordably identify your customers and effortlessly mark the actual beneficiaries per the new money laundering law. You can also conveniently get these out of the system as a single report.

1. Identifying
  • Invitation to the customer for electronic identification (for all customers found in Koho’s CRM)
  • The customer’s passport number or a copy of the ID can be added to Koho

asiakkaiden tunnistaminen

2. Registering beneficial owners
  • The following information about the beneficiaries can be stored in Koho:
    • name
    • date of birth
    • citizenship
    • home town, or for a person residing abroad, home country and home address
    • the basis and extent of control or ownership
    •  if the person is politically influential
  •  Companies subject to enhanced monitoring
    •  possibility to add home country, industry and other characteristics

Actual beneficiaries are 

  • People who directly own or control more than 25% of the shares (capital, participation or voting rights).
  • Others that otherwise directly or indirectly control the company. Indirect control is established if more than 25% of the contracting company is owned by another company, of which a majority owner is a natural person.

Identify your customer – simultaneously check if the customer is on the sanctions list!

Identify your customers quickly. With the authentication feature, you also store images of personal information securely, free of charge. Koho also checks on behalf of the notifier whether the company or person belongs to a sanctions list.


Customer identification

20 €/kk
(per user + € 50 on-boarding fee)
  • Price includes setting up a Koho account
  • € 0,50 / per electronic identification available at additional cost
  • If you already have a Koho account, the on-boarding fee is free of charge

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Frequently asked questions

How can I start using the identification?

Contact our Product Manager Mikko Wäck at
+358 50 564 4143 or

Can I start using customer identification even though I don't have a Koho account?

Yes. In that case, we will create a Koho account for you. 

For how many customers can I enable identification?

There is no upper limit for it, i.e. for as many customers as there is a need. 

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