Koho for software companies

Koho complies to many things – Project management and invoicing is easy

Handily create projects and get them invoiced securely and efficiently. With Koho, you can easily handle hourly invoicing, create rules for invoices, and if needed, monitor more complex projects. Reports allow you to follow the situation of your company; from performance to their invoicing and profitability.

Koho keeps you always aware of matters related to your company’s projects and invoicing, and ensure that all work is done and invoiced. 

Make every aspect of your business easier with Koho

  With Koho, you can quickly mark your hours with the timesheet view, improve your company’s cash flow, and bring more security to your billing. Koho offers comprehensive solutions for project management, ERP, sales invoicing, worktime entries and worktime tracking.

Best features of Koho for software companies


Hourly tracking and invoicing

There are several simple ways to mark down hours in the system. Hourly entries can be billable, project-based, or internal.


Project creation and management

Koho allows you to monitor the progress of projects either as a whole or in stages. At the same time, you will receive valuable information about project budgets, realized margins and profitability, and the entries made for them


Different invoicing methods for projects

Koho makes it possible to invoice and automate abnormal projects’ invoicing, such as instalment or aggregate invoicing. Quickly and easily invoice challenging charging criterion. Koho manages, e.g. instalment, aggregation, scheduled and cumulative invoicing, and customized invoice breakdowns depending on a project.


Resourcing allocation and load

  • Employee resourcing
  • Project overview
  • Phase level of the project
  • Centralized load view
  • Comparison between planning and implementation


Koho also offers a cost-efficient ticketing service, which allows the company to track customer requests, and tickets will be completed and won’t be forgotten to be billed.

  • SLA-management
  • Business hours
  • Automatic responses
  • Timing
  • Mass editing of tickets
  • Email notifications
  • Track tickets and get notified of changes and progression

Straightforward integration

Koho can be easily integrated with a web service API, for example, into several CRM, financial management and calendar systems, and it is easy to forward statutory working time reports.

Our client says:

“Koho is constantly evolving in the background, and we have been able to influence the new features of the system. We feel that Koho is a great ERP tool for a company like ours! “

– Henri Kortelainen, Sininen Meteoriitti

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