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Koho for project organizations

Smooth project management with Koho

Koho project management enables you to plan, manage and report easily your projects, track time and invoice. You can track profitability and follow our projects all the way from start to invoicing.

Koho keeps you aware of all the project situation and makes sure all work is done and invoiced. Project management has never been so easy!

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Improve your project profitability and enhance routines

You can minimize manual work, automate and ease your project billing.

Best features for project organizations:

Project billing

Save your project’s billing specifications straight when creating a project. You can set:

  • Project pricing
  • Project employer pricing
  • Project task pricing
  • Project task employer pricing
  • Standardized or automatized extrainformation of invoice

Abnormal ways to invoice projects

With Koho, you can invoice and automate abnormal project invoicing:

  • Instalment invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Cumulative invoice tracking and automatic addition of information to project invoices
  • Customised invoice breakdowns of projects
  • Tracking project billing and budgeting hours
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Project management


Tracking projects and extensive reporting of projects 

  • Entire or phased project monitoring
  • Invoicing of fixed shares based on performance subscriptions 
  • Timeline view of active projects 
  • Monitoring the status of active projects
  • Project profitability and margin 
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Resourcing and workload

Employee resourcing

  • Project level 
  • Project phase level
  • Centralized workload control 
    • Comparison between planning and execution 
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Allocating work hours to projects 

Easy weekly hourly input view for users. Invoicing and project costs can be derived directly from entries.

Other user-friendly features: 

  • List of projects which an employee is responsible for
  • List of projects with a deadline which an employee is responsible for  
  • Calendar view of to-do jobs 
  • Project load view of an employee
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Other tools to enhance project operations 

Possible to integrate with Koho:

  • Project-specific tickets 
  • GPS tracking of recorded shifts 
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