Engineering and design offices


Koho for engineers and design offices  

With Koho’s project management program’s help, even complex projects can be easily monitored, work time entries, and invoicing, including abnormal invoicing methods.  Speed up projects, organize work, track work time and resources! With Koho you stay up to date on your projects all the time!

Improve the profitability of your project and speed up the process

You can track resources and workloads, facilitate and automate your project-related sales invoicing. 

Koho has more time for productive work

  When all the project related information of an engineering firm is managed from one place, efficiency is significantly improved. Automated processes save valuable working hours for productive work. Creating new projects is fast since you can use an old project as a basis for new projects.

The best features of Koho for engineering and design agencies 


Manage offers and contracts

Monitor sales activities and keep an eye on their progress. With automatic reminders, you won’t miss important deadlines.


Create projects in less than a minute

You can set up a project directly from a quote, or use predefined templates and update the plan as needed. Alternatively, use previous projects as a basis for a new one. Create the required number of phases or subprojects for your projects, budget, and schedule.


Invoicing projects

Invoicing is easy. Save your billing preferences directly when you create a project. You can set different pricing rules for project invoicing, such as project-level, employee-level, or project task-level pricing. You also invoice and automate abnormal project invoicing.


Reporting and analytics

Customized reports tell you how your business is thriving. Thanks to analytics, you can effortlessly see the time spent and the effectiveness of your resources on projects.


Resourcing Tool

The resourcing tool facilitates and speeds up resourcing. Speed up the performance of your projects by prioritizing tasks and resourcing efficiently using the Gantt resourcing tool.


Work-time tracking

You can track working time with a separate working time clock and project hours in several various ways.

Our customers tell:

With Koho we can avoid mistakes, and the quality of our work remains consistent, which in turn directly affects our brand.”

– Kaisa Rakemaa, Head of Corporate Sales, Finnkino

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