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Koho is an easy tool for accounting firms for managing and invoicing the accounting firm’s work. With the help of Koho, you can to significantly speed up your company’s cash flow and bring more security to your invoicing. Koho offers solutions for ERP, sales invoicing, hourly accounting and time tracking.

Koho has an extensive history and know-how in working with accounting firms, and the development of the entire accounting firm industry is vital to us. We want to help accounting firms succeed. With the right kind of ERP, you’re able to prepare for the future better; for example, know already in October how much overtime your employees have in March!

Save time up to 87% 

By using Koho save up to 87% of your time compared with a combination of manual Excel and a financial management system.

+350 accounting firms

More than 350 accounting firms trust Koho. 

+3200 users

Koho has more than 3200 users in accounting firms.

Koho – customisable resource planning system that solves the challenges of an accounting firm

Koho has functionalities for many needs, and Koho can be customised according to the customer’s needs so that unnecessary buttons, views and tabs are hidden from the user. Customising the interface provides the customer and its various users with the simplest possible work view and a straightforward process.

Koho significantly speeds up the work of accounting firms; it creates, e.g. invoices based on hourly records and contracts. The biller only needs to press the button to accept the invoices before sending. The system keeps track of repetitive jobs and makes sure nothing is left undone. Koho provides comprehensive reports in an easy-to-read format.

Collaboration Portal outlook

Easier accounting with an interconnected system – start using the Portal

The Portal gathers all customer collaboration, including customer communication, agreed actions, and financial management files behind an easy interface. Operations are more secure and fast when all relevant information is available in one place.

By connecting the Portal with your Koho account, you will have access to an extensive interconnected business management tool and a sharing system where everything works seamlessly together, and you save a ton of time!

When an expert company needs to manage its work ticketing takes Koho to a new level

Koho’s new feature, ticketing, supports Koho’s overall management of the company’s work. Ticketing allows the client to send work requests directly to the user’s worklist via either the collaboration Portal or email.

Ticketing enables genuine multi-channel customer service, i.e. the monitoring of customer contacts between different channels.

Improve the efficiency of your large corporation and take its productivity to a whole new level!

Several Koho accounts can be combined into a corporate structure which enables work to be done between accounts as well as filling in for other subsidiaries.

The corporate structure enables cross-invoicing between accounts as well as a centralized group reporting where the data of several different subsidiary accounts can be conveniently found in a centralized view.

The corporate tools enabled by Koho allow an individual employee to have an entry view that shows work from the corporate’s various subsidiaries. This enables, e.g. that work is always done centrally behind a view.

Real-time and the extensive standard reporting allows the management to monitor the company’s operations, invoicing and its profitability.

Finest features of Koho for accounting firms


Manage repetitive tasks

Create work and to-do lists for your employees of all the repetitive tasks in your company. You get the ease of managing tasks and transferring them from one person to another or updating a client’s to-do list through responsibility matrices. 


7 ways to markup time 

Track employee working hours and flexitime daily. You can print the working hours as a report for payroll or even as a run-in transfer file. If necessary, also automate it according to the collective labour agreement.

+ shift, timesheet, time card, to-do list, work order, integrated calendar, mobile


Work load and resourcing

Easily track employee resourcing and allocate resources more efficiently. With a workload report, you can track, for example, which of your employees can be assigned more work. 


Comprehensive reports

See essential reports in an easily accessible and understandable format in one place. With a few clicks, company management can access key reports and even automate the reports being sent to their email on the desired day. 


Contract management

Track and manage contracts. Koho automatically creates invoices based on contracts ensuring that the agreed items end up being billed and nothing is forgotten. 


Automating invoicing

Invoice quickly and effortlessly. You can conveniently see how much money is coming in from your contracts and products. The invoice is generated depending on your choice automatically or with a few clicks and integrates with financial management systems. 

Our customers say:

“Thanks to Koho, our work is more organized nowadays. There is no need to burden our memory with unnecessary things and deadlines because Koho reminds us of what to do and when. All the work will be done, and it has become more organized. 

We have been particularly pleased with the service we have received from Koho and the prompt responses we get to all of our questions. The deployment went well, and the staff quickly embraced Koho. Our development ideas have also been received taken to account. ” 

– Salla Saarinen, Tilihalme Oy

Koho on mobile

You can conveniently use Koho on the road. Manage work time, hours worked, and work orders from one convenient view. 

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